Help Staying Sober Online

The COVID-19 pandemic was the first time that nearly all 12 step support groups and other forms of in-person social interaction/support were completely shut down. One of the most crucial aspects of recovery is human connection.

Thankfully, many organizations have taken numerous steps to grow and enhance their virtual resources. Even as the pandemic starts scaling back these resources will continue to be incredibly helpful for those seeking support. Some of those resources can be found below for anyone that might be looking for some resources from the comfort of their home.

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Online Meetings and Hotlines

SAMHSA Hotline: This is a federal hotline that can give referrals to local treatment centers and resources.

AA Online Intergroup: Alcoholics Anonymous has an intergroup dedicated to online meetings and resources. Their site can help you find a meeting no matter where you’re located.

Cocaine Anonymous: CA offers a large list of online meetings and other virtual resources.

Recovery Dharma: Buddhist based recovery groups that have both online meditations as well as meetings.

In The Rooms: Online recovery resource that has lists of meetings, articles, and other resources such as treatment centers and sober livings for those in recovery.

SMART Recovery: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based program for abstinence. They have a directory of online meetings on their website.

Crisis Text Line: Text based crisis line that is staffed by trained volunteers 24/7 to respond to a person in crisis and help talk them down to a cooler place. Text HOME to 741741 to reach them, or visit their site.

Recovery Apps

Connections: Sobriety tracking app that also can connect users with clinicians and peers in recovery.

Sober Grid: This app allows people in recovery to connect with one of the largest mobile recovery communities on the web.

I Am Sober: Community based app that helps to plan and maintain recovery.